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Week 10: Major Website Updates, Art Exhibit ALMOST Complete, and More!

This is going to be the lamest blog post (just a head’s up) lol! I had a heck of a start to my week with online college finals.. But the good news is I will graduate in one more term! Also, I’ve started the recording of my fourth music album, so ACNL time has been pushed to the side… But there are still a couple of things that I will note here for week 10, hopefully next week will be more exciting!

I don’t know why I’m even posting this, but Gracie came to my town and I skipped out on her (again..) She always comes on the worst days… 😦 aw well, I have passed 2 fashion checks and only need 2 more, so all in good time!


On that note, I am currently working on updating my website (http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com) with a Gracie Fashion Check guide. Some updates have occured, which I will list below…

  • New Autumn layout
  • Catalogs updated
  • Museum page updated, including a full bug catching list, September fish, maps, etc (just go take a look!)
  • Music being updated now!
  • Club Tropica… Still under construction (sorry!)
  • New pictures

As I ran along the river (sometime during the week) I saw a tiny shadow and for some reason thought “what the heck” and went fishing. I’m glad I did, because I caught a new species to me, a popeyed goldfish!


I went and donated the fish to the museum and decided to check out the 2nd floor shop. I’m glad I did, because there I found a paintball floor, a commemorative item for my art exhibit being more than 50% complete! Woot woot!


Katrina told me more crazy stories as the week went on… I worry about her sometimes…


I paid Victoria the usual visits as well, and I’m glad to say that we are still madly in love (apparently)… lol


And I see she saved the flight attendant uniform I sent her… I am so evil lol. 😉


Throughout the week, Cobb suggested that I build a drinking fountain as my next public works project. I thought it was a great idea for my park (Cobb has actually had quite a few good ideas as of late). Here’s the final product! 🙂


And he didn’t stop there! Just today, he recommended a torch, another one I’ve been waiting for! Can’t wait to see how it looks once it’s built tomorrow!


Another thing I realized today was that you can refurbish your stained glass window if you have one. I’ve been keeping one in my rococo room (if you remember from previous blogs), so I decided to visit Cyrus…


Now, there’s a handy guide online (see my website) that tells you all of the combinations of design patterns you can make. So I chose one that I liked and set the alpaca to work! It came out great!!


Today on ACC, I managed to score a few things. First off, somebody sold me a yellow aloha shirt and their hero’s cap for very very cheap!


I then set up a thread where I would buy the remaining art pieces I need in my museum for 500k a piece. While this was a bit draining on my bank account (a total of 5 art pieces were bought!) I now only need 4 pieces of art until my exhibit is complete! I’m so excited!


This might be my goal for this next week!

Coming up for Week 11…

  • Finish my art exhibit (repetitive… I know lol)
  • Update website:
  1. Music updates
  2. More pictures
  3. Gracie guide
  4. Index
  • Get more badges!!!

The First 9 Days! Getting Started

Due to the idea of the daily blog coming on a little late, I did not get as many photos and stories gathered for the first 10 days in my town as I would have hoped. Regardless, here’s a shortened version of the major happenings in the town of Trópica thus far… As all of you players know, you arrive on the scene to be told that you will be the mayor of the new town. How about that? You get started as per the usual thing, shaking all of the trees to get bells and your two daily furniture items. I did this to gather enough bells to find myself a fishing pole and took to the river and ocean to begin filling in my Fish Encyclopedia.


I’m a true fisher when it comes to this game, and quickly began filling up with numerous species. Of course, every time I catch a new one, I donate it to the museum. Before I knew it, I was able to pay off my tent and began to focus on a goal that Isabelle gave me. She told me that I had to raise my mayor approval rating to 100 and my current score was 26… Wow! Well, I got started, and to help I looked up some of the ways to raise rating. Among the top were helping villagers, watering flowers, writing letters, and so on. I began to partake in all sorts of activities and saw my score skyrocket in no time. Reaching 100, I was enabled to perform public work projects. I decided on building a well for my first one. In the meantime, I bought myself a net and a shovel and began getting to work on building those collections as well. On the 3rd day, when I turned on my system, I met Tortimer and he invited me to travel to the island the next day. That’s when things really started to take off. I payed off my first house payment using fishing money. I also came across a very rare tarantula that night. It was a great find and the only one I’ve seen so far!


Traveling to the island, I was able to catch more expensive fish and bugs. Whatever you do, sell those things back at home, DO NOT sell them to the little kappa girl on the island… Anyhow, I also started collecting Cabana furniture using medals earned from minigames on the island. What can I say, I have expensive taste haha. I then went home and decided to visit a friend’s town. Steven’s town had the native fruit of apple, which I grabbed to run home and plant. My native fruit being cherries, I now had a strong collection that included those two, darians, lemons, bananas and mangoes, all which were found on the island. More island adventures ensued in lychee and coconut trees, as well as an expensive 50 medal induction into Club Tortimer.


Every day, I have talked to Sable of the Able Sisters and she responds with more and more friendship. You can unlock a QR Code Machine by keeping it up, she hasn’t revealed that yet but seems like she’s about to. I also had the unfortunate introduction to Mr. Resetti, but found out it’s not a bad thing to meet him once, because it unlocks a public works project, the Resetti Surveillance Center. I also buy every furniture item available at Nook’s every day to fill my catalog and the special fortune cookie item there.

On day 7, I was visited by Phineas, who awarded me a medal for completing 50% of my fish catalog. I also met Gulliver, who made me guess what country he was going to, which ended up being Vietnam.

On day 8, Savannah visited me in the morning and remodeled my interior design of my house. I then headed over to my local Best Buy to obtain a rare downloadable item, the raccoon clock. I don’t like being known for playing the 3DS, so dodging workers was a trip, but I ended up eventually figuring out what to do in the game and made it out without anyone noticing! For more info on exactly what to do for this DLC, check out the main website (http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com)


Anyway, with things looking good, I continued going to the island, fishing, etc. Then, I learned about the amazing technique of beetle farming. Also visit the website for this technique, but essentially, I raked in around 500k bells for the morning of day 9.

This all went to house upgrades and my new public works project (a bridge over my river to make it easier to travel). On day 9, Redd also came to visit, and I was able to select an item that wasn’t forged (more info on how to do this, also on the website). Then, I arrived at day 10, where things would really start to pick up! Check out the next part of the blog. Again, sorry this is really brief and not too in depth, from now on, these posts will be!