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New DLC Update! Kadomatsu, Star-Sign Furniture Round 2 and 3!

Hey all! I’m back with your next DLC update. For those of you that have been keeping up on playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf (I am unfortunately not included in this… just picked the game back up today lol), you may want to know about the 3 newest DLC items to be released! Of course, as always, all of the DLC items will be updated on my website (http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com) with every blog post!

Today on ACC, I was lucky enough to find a user (oshawaffles) who was very kind and let me catalog the items! So, if you played your game at all after christmas, you may have had a visit from Pete with a special letter from Nintendo.


Upon opening the letter, you should have received an item called kadomatsu. While I’m still a little iffy on the exact dates, most websites attribute this item to the timeframe of December 26 to January 7. However, the item is reorderable, so searching ACC and other trading posts for a willing person to let you catalog shouldn’t be too difficult!


The other exciting news is that 2 more star-sign DLC items have been released. If you remember, last time I talked about the Sagittarius Arrow. The next items in the series, the Capricorn Ornament


…and the Aquarius Urn


Have indeed been released. I still have not confirmed whether these are Japan only at this point or not, but I have heard tell that in the U.S., such DLC items have been repeating like the pumpkin pie and slushie machine. If this is true, these indeed would only be available in the post office to Japan players. But again, they’re reorderable, so searching for a willing player to let you catalog shouldn’t prove to difficult!

That’s all I’ve got for now. In other sad sad news, Victoria finally moved away, but it’s my own fault for never playing nowadays. She did, however, send me a letter with her picture in it before leaving (that was nice of her lol). I will try to update if anymore unknown DLC releases come about or with the next couple sets of star-sign DLC. Keep playin’ away guys! Be back soon!