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DLC Update: Tteok plate acquired!

Hey all!

So, as you remember in my last blog post, I was trying to acquire some recently released DLC, the tteok plate. Well, thanks to a kind user brands1 on animalcrossingcommunity.com, I finally updated my DLC collection to “complete” status once again!



I believe (though haven’t confirmed yet) that this item was only available to Korea players in the beginning of November and came via a letter from Nintendo. So if you have any Korean friends with the game, hit them up and ask for this rare morsel! Now the list of “unknown” releases for DLC is smaller, with the star-sign furniture figured out, everything’s coming together! I’ll keep you posted on anything else I find out! ‘Til next time!

As always, you can see the complete DLC list on my website, animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com !


DLC Update!!!

Hey all! So, I hate the feeling of spending months away from the game and coming back to find that a whole lot has gone down in my absence. After all, some used to call me the DLC king back in the day and my catalog events were MASSIVE. But today, I realized I may have missed some important things… but anyway, that’s why I’m posting this blog!

So, first things first. As I mentioned last time, if you live in the U.S. or Europe and you go to download the monthly DLC from the post-office, you will get a tree-stump chair, a DLC item I (and many others) already had because it was released as DLC in Japan last December (before the game came out in other regions). As to not repeat the DLC download for Japan players, they began to start the cycle of Star-Sign furniture that we’ve been waiting for! It being in the Sagittarius date field, the Sagittarius Arrow is the first item that they could get their hands on. Luckily, the item is reorderable, so I got one, and I encourage everyone to spread the love to those looking for these!


Now, I’ve speculated that when the U.S., Europe and other nations finish getting DLC in the upcoming months that Japan already got before the game released in them (what a jumbled sentence, I know.. lol) then we too will join in on the “Star-Sign” DLC cycle wherever that point may be. So don’t fret if you can’t find a Japanese player willing to get you a copy of the item. (for info on star-sign dates, etc, visit my website http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com )

Now comes the kicker. You’ll remember I discussed the pile of leaves item that popped up in a letter from Nintendo last time. Well, while I was away working on the movie set, apparently 3 more DLC items from the “unknown” list have been released!

The first of all is the tteok plate. Now, I’m looking for specifics. If you know exact information, please comment with the release dates, location, etc. From what I’ve got, this item was released in a letter from Nintendo in early November, and I think only to Korean players. I’m still looking for one, so if you know anyone with an extra, please tell them I’m looking! (I’m kkcody on animalcrossingcommunity.com if that’s easier haha…) I’ve heard no word on if it’s reorderable or not yet.

The other 2 items are orderable. They are… (duh duh duh…)…


the flamenco hat


…and the tam-o-shanter! Look at those Scottish locks… haha

I think these two were either DLC or Nintendo Zone DLC in Europe during the month of November, but again, I’ve really no idea on specifics. I’m looking for someone kind enough to explain so that I can keep my website accurate 🙂

So, while my search for the tteok plate continues, I will keep my DLC updates ongoing to help y’all out! I am updating the website, but as you may read on my note on the homepage, I’m really only focused on the DLC page.

I would also like to give a BIG shoutout to user eunho on ACC. She ended up graciously giving me the tam-o-shanter and flamenco hat for nothing in return, and I am so grateful. What great and giving players there are out there. Thank you!


Well, til next time, keep playing away and I hope you all have a great holiday season! 😀

December 2013: New DLC Available!

Hey all! I decided to play a little ACNL today to see what the new Nintendo DLC item was of the month. I was surprised to find something unexpected, a previously known DLC item that I hadn’t obtained yet, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

So, I headed over the the post office and asked about a present and was kinda bummed out to get a tree-stump chair.


For those that have followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that this item was available last year in Japan, and since it’s reorderable, nearly everyone who wanted to find one could. So I wasn’t that impressed now that it seems Nintendo is cycling through old DLC. I didn’t even bother to check the Nintendo Zone DLC for these next two weeks, but I’m assuming, since we’ve had repeats of the raccoon wall clock and cat tower that it will be something of the like (comment below if you find otherwise).


Like that bad hair style I’ve got going on? Maybe I need a haircut… lol. So anyway, I returned back to my house to find my mailbox absolutely stuffed and Pete was at my doorstep. I spoke to him and he gave me a letter from Nintendo. I opened it up and was very very surprised to find a gift, which was a pile of leaves. This was DLC that was previously unknown as far as how to get it, so this was great news!


You can even stand in it!


Well, now that one more DLC item is ticked off of my “unknown” list, I’m happy! I can’t wait to find out of any more DLC released to come in the future! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and I’ll post another blog as soon as more DLC is released!

Week ???: New November DLC and… UGH! I disappeared… :’(

Hey all! As many of you know from reading most of my later blogs, I have been taking major steps in my career. Unfortunately, this consisted of a trip to Chicago (one in which I forgot my 3DS at home…). Upon returning, I just was too afraid to see what happened to my lovely town of Tropica and haven’t really picked it up since. I am ashamed, but haven’t given up hope (after all, all things that go wrong in a town can be fixed!), but I’ve been very busy with working.

So basically, the wrap for November is this. The new DLC has come out, the autumn-leaf chair, which is the last monthly DLC download that I know of, although I’m sure there will be one next month (maybe a previously released foreign one.. I’m looking at you, yule log… ) or maybe something completely new. Either way, I’ll try to update the DLC section of the website.


Now, as for Nintendo Zone DLC, others have told me that you get the raccoon-wall clock (or did for the first half of the month) in case you missed it the first time around. I don’t know what you get now, like I said, I have had very little time to actually take a look myself, and I apologize for that 😦

Basically, as I noted in some comments, I have been spending all my down time playing the new Pokemon games. I grew up with them, and they have a special place in my heart (as does Animal Crossing), but have no fear, I will at least try to keep y’all informed on the new DLC you can download when I can. After all, for someone who’s been called the “DLC King”, I have to keep up with making sure my collection is current and full. If anyone learns of any new DLC downloads that I don’t post about, please leave a comment. Thanks! As for those who have asked about my acting gig, it’s going well! I’m in on a film shooting called Wild and will be moving on to bigger and better things after that is done. Thanks for all of your support and keep playing ACNL like there’s no tomorrow! 😀

Week 12: 100 Million Bell! T&T Emporium, Autumn Moon, & More!

Hey all! Sorry last week’s post is coming in a little late. Last night I planned on writing it up but while I was cooking dinner for my wife, I managed to grab a hot pan out of the oven without using oven mits 😦 Basically, I had it on ice all night. It feels much better now! (Despite the blister across my palm and on all my fingertips…)

Now, if you remember where I left off last week, I had answered Gulliver’s question correctly with Vietnam. For helping him out, he sent me a letter the next morning that included a tuk-tuk, which is a bicycle taxi thing that is popular over there! Wow… lol


I noticed that morning while perusing my town that Gracie was there!


I’ll come back to that, but if you remember, I only completed 2 fashion checks at that point and you need 4 to get the store upgrade!

I also found that a 10th villager (Wendy) decided to move in since Frank left. She could’ve chosen a worse spot I suppose, but holy crap… Right in the middle of my paths and stuff?? Ugh…


Oh well, I’ll make it work. Now, Gracie’s challenge had the iconic theme. I used the handy guide I uploaded to my website (http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com) and found out that if I basically dress like the main character of the Adventure Island video games that I’d be set! lol


The next day, I checked in on Wendy’s house and did some gardening. It’s actually not too shabby (still inconvenient)…


With the new fear of anyone else moving out, I went inside to meet her. She seems very nice (she has similar characteristics to Victoria… haha)


Now, for those that have been keeping up with Spotpass visitors, you may recall on with this room.


This may not seem like a big deal, but to some it is. Included in the room is the Japanese exclusive DLC, kagamimochi, which is now available to US players through this room! Go grab yours by ordering furniture from the showcase!

The next thing that happened was astounding. If you remember, my savings account was just tipping over the 50 million point, and I yearn to reach 100 million one day. Well, you may also remember that I was hosting an auction on ACC for a full spotpass collection!


I managed to auction the entire set off for 50 MILLION BELLS! This was huge for me. I met up with the player that day who won the auction and they began the transferring of the money!


We didn’t finish it all that day so we decided to pick it up at a later time (this was a very trusting player to pay me millions and know their items would be there at a later date). I love people who can trust each other, that’s what the games supposed to be about.

Anyway, I continued on to my museum and found that they were selling a paintball wall. This item only appears after completing your art museum (which I did if you remember my past blogs)


I visited Nook’s homes and found that the Zen Exterior was back. As much as I love the golden exterior prize, I think I want to switch back to Zen to build up my HHA points once I reach 150,000 for the interior (visit my website for a guide on HHA point prizes).


The next day, I managed to buy a cabana dresser off of ACC, which is an item I need to further my island room! I, of course, took it to Re-Tail right away to get a gold finish on it!


My streetpass auction winner met back up with me and we finished the massive trade! I was now filthy stinkin rich! WAHOO!


I swung back by Re-Tail and picked up my awesome dresser! Looks great!


I also decided to fix up some other things. In the 7-11 Diner room, I patterned the chairs to match the tables in there…


I also managed to find an LED video screen which scrolls my personal 7-11 Diner pattern! You can put any pattern you want on the LED screen by visiting Re-Tail! It’s awesome!


When I went back outside, Phineas was ready to give me my gold badge for finally pushing 100 million!


I also noticed something funny which I shared as a topic on ACC. The in-game typing for the badge clearly states that it’s for players who have save 1 billion bells. It appears they misprinted this in the final version of the game, so if you read on my website and others, be sure to note that it is an error, you only need 100 million bells lol.


Another prize for reaching 100 million in savings is an ABM, which comes via letter from the post office. For those of you out there having a hard time finding the 7-11 ABM, this is another option to get access to money straight from your home! A very handy item indeed.


I found Saharah in town later and decided to let her do wonders to my interior of my home…


And it was a dud.. No unique walls or carpets. However, I do like the Tartan Rug and how it matches in the room, so I’m keeping that in there for now!


From the HHA showcase, I found the surveillance camera item in a home and ordered it. When it arrived, I placed it above my 7-11 ABM in the diner to make it seem like a more realistic ATM machine haha. Pretty neato.


I haven’t been saying much about my police station, but I do love how they integrated the old school Gamecube feel! That Booker… always thinking it’s not a problem when you steal from the lost & found… lolz



Cousteau came over to me while walking through town and said this… I don’t know where these guys are getting the drugs, but I wish they’d stop… lol




Speaking of creepy villagers, Ken made me come to his house and then offered me candy…. On Halloween, it’s one thing, but on a seemingly normal September day… this is insanely creepy…



Victoria asked me when I saw her (wouldn’t you know it?) to go get a petition signed in another village. Now, I haven’t had luck with this as of yet, but I managed to find a nice player on ACC willing to let me come over and talk to 6 of his villagers!



Victoria was pleased. I think maybe too pleased, because when I made it back home, she tried to barge in again and do some stuff…. When will she learn the meaning of privacy???




The next day was the autumn-moon festival! I hope you all took your opportunity to grab the rare US event item wheat bundle



I also found a new species to me, the diving beetle. If you see a shadow that looks kinda like a frog skipping along the water, pull out your net instead of your rod. You need to have impeccable timing to nab this little troublemaker, but once you do, you can add it to your encyclopedia!



I also found that the next day would be the last Gracie’s fashion check I’d have to complete! She told me to dress sporty, and since I don’t have too much time on Fridays, I did my best…



And she gave me a pass! This would mean the Emporium (final shop) would be opening soon!



I would just have to wait! On Saturday night, I finally managed to put in a few minutes of playtime after 8 to go to my first KK Slider acoustic show on ACNL.



This makes my running count of concert 2 and I need 100 for the gold badge. Now, for those of you who have asked, you can only get one KK song per Saturday night, and it’s the first song he plays that night. However, you can request for him to play more songs after that, and while he won’t give you copies of the songs, they still count towards your badge total, so if you have an open Saturday night, you can get a gold badge by mindlessly playing music over and over. Pretty cool, right? I’ll have to do this sometime in the future.

I didn’t get a chance to play on Sunday at all (as you read at the beginning, I burnt my hand bad). I got on this morning, thought, to find my T&T Emporium complete! Superb!



The gardening store (now inside) contains fertilizer, which helps grow rare flowers and trees!



And probably the best (and most expensive) part of it all is Gracie now owns a personal store on the 3rd floor! While her items are outrageously priced, she gave me my 4th mannequin as congrats for opening the store! Now my Mario gear in my museum’s Nintendo Exhibit can be showcased properly. Sweet!



Now, I normally post a “for next week” segment here, but I have some announcements to make. I will try to play as much as I can, but my playtime has to decrease. My music album is pushing to the next level of production and will take a lot of my time, and that’s where I need to focus right now. Also, I’ve been playing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, which I bought recently, and I have to say, any fans of the old trilogy need to get this game (unless you already have it on Wii). I’m astounded that the composer remixed several of you old favorite songs from the originals. I’m also excited that David Wise, who composed all three original games, is returning for the next installment coming to Wii U next year! Now I just need to get a Wii U…. lol

Anyway, so I’ll try to post something fresh and exciting for next week, as well as update the website. Thank y’all so much for tuning in.


And a SPECIAL birthday announcement to my buddy Simone. I hope you had a great birthday sweetheart, and I wish you all the best 🙂 All right folks, ’til next time! 😀

Week 10: Major Website Updates, Art Exhibit ALMOST Complete, and More!

This is going to be the lamest blog post (just a head’s up) lol! I had a heck of a start to my week with online college finals.. But the good news is I will graduate in one more term! Also, I’ve started the recording of my fourth music album, so ACNL time has been pushed to the side… But there are still a couple of things that I will note here for week 10, hopefully next week will be more exciting!

I don’t know why I’m even posting this, but Gracie came to my town and I skipped out on her (again..) She always comes on the worst days… 😦 aw well, I have passed 2 fashion checks and only need 2 more, so all in good time!


On that note, I am currently working on updating my website (http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com) with a Gracie Fashion Check guide. Some updates have occured, which I will list below…

  • New Autumn layout
  • Catalogs updated
  • Museum page updated, including a full bug catching list, September fish, maps, etc (just go take a look!)
  • Music being updated now!
  • Club Tropica… Still under construction (sorry!)
  • New pictures

As I ran along the river (sometime during the week) I saw a tiny shadow and for some reason thought “what the heck” and went fishing. I’m glad I did, because I caught a new species to me, a popeyed goldfish!


I went and donated the fish to the museum and decided to check out the 2nd floor shop. I’m glad I did, because there I found a paintball floor, a commemorative item for my art exhibit being more than 50% complete! Woot woot!


Katrina told me more crazy stories as the week went on… I worry about her sometimes…


I paid Victoria the usual visits as well, and I’m glad to say that we are still madly in love (apparently)… lol


And I see she saved the flight attendant uniform I sent her… I am so evil lol. 😉


Throughout the week, Cobb suggested that I build a drinking fountain as my next public works project. I thought it was a great idea for my park (Cobb has actually had quite a few good ideas as of late). Here’s the final product! 🙂


And he didn’t stop there! Just today, he recommended a torch, another one I’ve been waiting for! Can’t wait to see how it looks once it’s built tomorrow!


Another thing I realized today was that you can refurbish your stained glass window if you have one. I’ve been keeping one in my rococo room (if you remember from previous blogs), so I decided to visit Cyrus…


Now, there’s a handy guide online (see my website) that tells you all of the combinations of design patterns you can make. So I chose one that I liked and set the alpaca to work! It came out great!!


Today on ACC, I managed to score a few things. First off, somebody sold me a yellow aloha shirt and their hero’s cap for very very cheap!


I then set up a thread where I would buy the remaining art pieces I need in my museum for 500k a piece. While this was a bit draining on my bank account (a total of 5 art pieces were bought!) I now only need 4 pieces of art until my exhibit is complete! I’m so excited!


This might be my goal for this next week!

Coming up for Week 11…

  • Finish my art exhibit (repetitive… I know lol)
  • Update website:
  1. Music updates
  2. More pictures
  3. Gracie guide
  4. Index
  • Get more badges!!!

Week 8: Beware the McWaffle! Complete DLC, Fortune Shop Arrives, Etc!

All right, so I have to start off my week 8 blog with a very sad story. One so sad, it made my heart break a little just living through it. But we all move on. So, on Monday of this last week, I decided to hold a catalog event. As many of you know, I’ve normally held it on GameFaqs, but I’ve been transitioning my site and everything over to Animal Crossing Community. So this would be my first big event there!


So I compiled a long list of interested people, and when they each pay 1 million bells a piece to come catalog, it’s good news for me because I’m that much closer to my 100 million savings goal! Anyway, the first 2 visitors came and had a fun time. Then… the second two arrive…

One of them had been to my event before via GameFaqs and I knew and trusted him. We had a deal worked out where he would come for 100k since he was an old time customer. Then the second person arrived.. a player with the ACC username McWaffle

I’ll tell this story as I did on many ACC posts. McWaffle arrived and plead that he had very little bells and begged me to let him enter for a measley 100 bells. I normally would shut of the wifi switch right away but I decided to be kind to the new player. After all, that’s what community is all about, helping each other out. Now, I keep my DLC in stacks that are ordered so that it’s organized and easy for me to walk back through and ensure no stealing has taken place. After these two players ravaged through it though, the place was a complete and total disaster. However, it appeared that all items were there on a quick runthrough and I had a long list to go through, so I hurried the players along to the zodiac set (which was away from the event area). The 2 catalogged it and I noticed when they said they were done a zodiac statue was missing… I assumed it was accidental, and McWaffle laughed and dropped it. Seeing that everything should have been there, I ended session.

Upon reorganizing, I found a total of 15 DLC items had actually been stolen, including 6 re-orderables (like my cool yellow refurnished rolling suitcase) and 9 non-orderables, which as you know if you’ve been reading my blog, have taken a LONG time to collect 😦

I was, at first, devastated. I contacted the other person who was there, and being a trustworthy friend, knew at once that it wasn’t him, but I made this offer to both him and McWaffle… “If you bring me the items back that were stolen, I will forgive you and dupe them to you for free”. I wanted to extend the courteous hand in the situation, and even though raged that someone just stole from me, wanted to play it cool. Of course, the entire time, all of the people who were going to come catalog were angry with McWaffle as well, and it blew into a big thing on the ACC thread. McWaffle finally messaged me back and said he stole some items. However, he only claimed he took 6 because “he thought they sounded cool”. And wouldn’t you know it… they were the 6 re-orderable items…

At this point, there was no reasoning with him. He just kept swearing on God that he only took 6 from me. Rather than try to refute with an incompetent 13 year old (this coming from me… 22 years young lol 😛 ), I turned to the community. I had a total of 5 complete strangers offer to dupe me and outright give me pieces of their personal DLC collections to rebuild mine. I was shocked, such a bittersweet moment that on one hand, there’s McWaffle stealing items, and on the other, so many players coming together to help get me all my missing items back.

SO! The moral of the story is this. I will, in future catalog events, make sure things stay in piles. I will double check EVERY item to make sure it hasn’t been taken from me, and I will always send players back home that don’t pay the ticket price lol. Although I feel bad for the McWaffle (not really, but several people, after reading this, my website, and my ACC rants won’t trade with him), you shouldn’t steal to get what you want. After all, with the era of duping upon us, why steal? That’s just taking away happiness from another player. Like me… If there hadn’t been people willing to get me back all of my missing items… that’s just a lot of time wasted making trades and hard work.

Anyway, with that side not past us… Let’s move on!

One player in particular, cloudx3 on ACC, invited me to his town after he gave me some of his DLC items to help me out. I enjoyed his town! He had a triforce pattern on a tree trunk, which for those of you that don’t know, patterns can randomly appear on tree trunks after cutting down trees with a golden axe


He also had a very funny face cutout standee… lol


Returning home, I finally found that my turnips that I’ve been waiting for to rot had done so! This brought two new species into my encyclopedia… a fly and an ant!



During the period of time where players came together to help me out, I actually got an event item that I had not yet collected, the cornucopia!


On another note (completely aside from the rebuilding of my DLC collection) I was trading the pumpkin pie DLC stock that I had for real art items and other DLC that I had yet to get… One such item was the holiday stocking, not to be confused with Japan’s stuffed stocking, which is a European “Naughy-Or-Nice” day item!


I also managed to conduct several trades and my museum was building up a better art collection than ever before!


I noticed as I walked through town that Frank decided to wear the most stylish pattern possible… What up bro!


I have also fully converted my basement from a game room (as I gave away my sloppy set last week in a giveaway) to a zen-zelda-like garden! It looks great so far!


Many of you ask me what my position is on duping, and I would simply respond as this. If the act of duping does not inhibit the enjoyment a player has, then I personally don’t think there’s a problem with it. I found a friend online, who stuck behind me 100% during the McWaffle incident, who wanted to become duping partners. I figured I could use practice, since I’d never really done it before, and became quite good at it. In the end, I received the remaining New Year’s Hats I was missing…


And also had an extra 7-11 set that I decided to auction off. I know some players frown upon this sort of activity, but I honestly just think about how happy the winner of the auction will be when they receive their 7-11 set. Why, when I completed mine just before duping came out… I was soo happy. Filled with joy 🙂

Now, if you remember last blog, I talked about Katrina opening a fortune shop and the methods to doing so… Well, she showed up in my town near the end of the week, and it was time to start visiting her! As you recall, I wouldn’t visit her with my main character, that would be at the end of my 20 total visits… So I created new character after new character…


The good thing about this was, not only could I visit Katrina with new characters, I could grab a pumpkin pie for my stock as well! Katrina did give some weird stories throughout my visits that day…



And at the end of the day… I had more pie than I had room for!


Upon returning home, Victoria surprised me yet again (this girl.. She won’t leave me alone I tell you! Why doesn’t Erik come over and play??? It’s only Victoria… lol!)


All jokes aside, I headed up to Nook’s Homes because I am still trying to reach 150,000 points. I’m getting close, but I’ll need to decorate with a little more ooomph if I’m to reach the big score!


Katrina spewed out some more fortunes as my day of visiting continued…



I then felt sure I had 20 total visits and visited her as “Cody”, which is me! She completed my fortune and at first, I was afraid I miscounted, because she said nothing about opening a shop 😦

However, as I went to walk out from her tent… She caught my attention!


That’s when she spilled the beans and told me she was interested in opening up shop on main street! YES! After a long day’s work, I got my goal!


Through the whole pumpkin pie sales, I also saw my bank account making great progress!


I will one day reach the 100 million! It’ll just take a while lol. But I do want to get into the turnip trade one of these Sundays… lol, anyway!

Phineas arrived in town and gave me the Great Host badge! Apparently through all of the pumpkin pie buyers and everything, 100 more people have visited my town since the train station remodel! Thanks all!!


The next morning, I noticed that the fortune shop had opened! The inside looks identical to Katrina’s tent, but the outside lies right by the Dream Suite on Main Street!


Also, on Saturday, Gracie was visiting town to do a fashion check. As I haven’t had time to gather clothing and pass one yet, I decided to actually take part in it that day for the “historical” theme she set out…

Here’s what I came up with… (you can see a full list of items that will pass a themed fashion check on my website, http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com)


Sexy, right?…. Well, I may not think so, but she loved it! One fashion check down! 🙂


I also visited the fortune shop when it opened and Katrina warned me that bad luck was coming my way. However, she had a special item that could help me and would sell it to me for 10,000 bells! Of course, I accepted (after all, you know how anal I am about finishing my catalog)… So I got a celebration hat!


On my way back through town, Cousteau recommended a public works project, a video screen! This is one I think will look cool down by my event plaza!


I attended the fireworks show on Sunday night, getting myself a bulb bopper.. I’m trying to collect these things as this is the only place you can get them!


This morning (monday) I did the “Bestbuy” router trick (see my website for more info) and was able to download the new Nintendo Zone DLC item, the afternoon-tea set! I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time! Whoo!


For Next Week:

  • I will try to finish my art collection!
  • I will try to track down a fruit basket DLC item!
  • I will try to update my website with more info on upcoming DLC
  • I will try to try to do all of these things
  • The 28th of August is MY BIRTHDAY! I will update the post with information on special items I receive at this event! 🙂