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Week 12: 100 Million Bell! T&T Emporium, Autumn Moon, & More!

Hey all! Sorry last week’s post is coming in a little late. Last night I planned on writing it up but while I was cooking dinner for my wife, I managed to grab a hot pan out of the oven without using oven mits 😦 Basically, I had it on ice all night. It feels much better now! (Despite the blister across my palm and on all my fingertips…)

Now, if you remember where I left off last week, I had answered Gulliver’s question correctly with Vietnam. For helping him out, he sent me a letter the next morning that included a tuk-tuk, which is a bicycle taxi thing that is popular over there! Wow… lol


I noticed that morning while perusing my town that Gracie was there!


I’ll come back to that, but if you remember, I only completed 2 fashion checks at that point and you need 4 to get the store upgrade!

I also found that a 10th villager (Wendy) decided to move in since Frank left. She could’ve chosen a worse spot I suppose, but holy crap… Right in the middle of my paths and stuff?? Ugh…


Oh well, I’ll make it work. Now, Gracie’s challenge had the iconic theme. I used the handy guide I uploaded to my website (http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com) and found out that if I basically dress like the main character of the Adventure Island video games that I’d be set! lol


The next day, I checked in on Wendy’s house and did some gardening. It’s actually not too shabby (still inconvenient)…


With the new fear of anyone else moving out, I went inside to meet her. She seems very nice (she has similar characteristics to Victoria… haha)


Now, for those that have been keeping up with Spotpass visitors, you may recall on with this room.


This may not seem like a big deal, but to some it is. Included in the room is the Japanese exclusive DLC, kagamimochi, which is now available to US players through this room! Go grab yours by ordering furniture from the showcase!

The next thing that happened was astounding. If you remember, my savings account was just tipping over the 50 million point, and I yearn to reach 100 million one day. Well, you may also remember that I was hosting an auction on ACC for a full spotpass collection!


I managed to auction the entire set off for 50 MILLION BELLS! This was huge for me. I met up with the player that day who won the auction and they began the transferring of the money!


We didn’t finish it all that day so we decided to pick it up at a later time (this was a very trusting player to pay me millions and know their items would be there at a later date). I love people who can trust each other, that’s what the games supposed to be about.

Anyway, I continued on to my museum and found that they were selling a paintball wall. This item only appears after completing your art museum (which I did if you remember my past blogs)


I visited Nook’s homes and found that the Zen Exterior was back. As much as I love the golden exterior prize, I think I want to switch back to Zen to build up my HHA points once I reach 150,000 for the interior (visit my website for a guide on HHA point prizes).


The next day, I managed to buy a cabana dresser off of ACC, which is an item I need to further my island room! I, of course, took it to Re-Tail right away to get a gold finish on it!


My streetpass auction winner met back up with me and we finished the massive trade! I was now filthy stinkin rich! WAHOO!


I swung back by Re-Tail and picked up my awesome dresser! Looks great!


I also decided to fix up some other things. In the 7-11 Diner room, I patterned the chairs to match the tables in there…


I also managed to find an LED video screen which scrolls my personal 7-11 Diner pattern! You can put any pattern you want on the LED screen by visiting Re-Tail! It’s awesome!


When I went back outside, Phineas was ready to give me my gold badge for finally pushing 100 million!


I also noticed something funny which I shared as a topic on ACC. The in-game typing for the badge clearly states that it’s for players who have save 1 billion bells. It appears they misprinted this in the final version of the game, so if you read on my website and others, be sure to note that it is an error, you only need 100 million bells lol.


Another prize for reaching 100 million in savings is an ABM, which comes via letter from the post office. For those of you out there having a hard time finding the 7-11 ABM, this is another option to get access to money straight from your home! A very handy item indeed.


I found Saharah in town later and decided to let her do wonders to my interior of my home…


And it was a dud.. No unique walls or carpets. However, I do like the Tartan Rug and how it matches in the room, so I’m keeping that in there for now!


From the HHA showcase, I found the surveillance camera item in a home and ordered it. When it arrived, I placed it above my 7-11 ABM in the diner to make it seem like a more realistic ATM machine haha. Pretty neato.


I haven’t been saying much about my police station, but I do love how they integrated the old school Gamecube feel! That Booker… always thinking it’s not a problem when you steal from the lost & found… lolz



Cousteau came over to me while walking through town and said this… I don’t know where these guys are getting the drugs, but I wish they’d stop… lol




Speaking of creepy villagers, Ken made me come to his house and then offered me candy…. On Halloween, it’s one thing, but on a seemingly normal September day… this is insanely creepy…



Victoria asked me when I saw her (wouldn’t you know it?) to go get a petition signed in another village. Now, I haven’t had luck with this as of yet, but I managed to find a nice player on ACC willing to let me come over and talk to 6 of his villagers!



Victoria was pleased. I think maybe too pleased, because when I made it back home, she tried to barge in again and do some stuff…. When will she learn the meaning of privacy???




The next day was the autumn-moon festival! I hope you all took your opportunity to grab the rare US event item wheat bundle



I also found a new species to me, the diving beetle. If you see a shadow that looks kinda like a frog skipping along the water, pull out your net instead of your rod. You need to have impeccable timing to nab this little troublemaker, but once you do, you can add it to your encyclopedia!



I also found that the next day would be the last Gracie’s fashion check I’d have to complete! She told me to dress sporty, and since I don’t have too much time on Fridays, I did my best…



And she gave me a pass! This would mean the Emporium (final shop) would be opening soon!



I would just have to wait! On Saturday night, I finally managed to put in a few minutes of playtime after 8 to go to my first KK Slider acoustic show on ACNL.



This makes my running count of concert 2 and I need 100 for the gold badge. Now, for those of you who have asked, you can only get one KK song per Saturday night, and it’s the first song he plays that night. However, you can request for him to play more songs after that, and while he won’t give you copies of the songs, they still count towards your badge total, so if you have an open Saturday night, you can get a gold badge by mindlessly playing music over and over. Pretty cool, right? I’ll have to do this sometime in the future.

I didn’t get a chance to play on Sunday at all (as you read at the beginning, I burnt my hand bad). I got on this morning, thought, to find my T&T Emporium complete! Superb!



The gardening store (now inside) contains fertilizer, which helps grow rare flowers and trees!



And probably the best (and most expensive) part of it all is Gracie now owns a personal store on the 3rd floor! While her items are outrageously priced, she gave me my 4th mannequin as congrats for opening the store! Now my Mario gear in my museum’s Nintendo Exhibit can be showcased properly. Sweet!



Now, I normally post a “for next week” segment here, but I have some announcements to make. I will try to play as much as I can, but my playtime has to decrease. My music album is pushing to the next level of production and will take a lot of my time, and that’s where I need to focus right now. Also, I’ve been playing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, which I bought recently, and I have to say, any fans of the old trilogy need to get this game (unless you already have it on Wii). I’m astounded that the composer remixed several of you old favorite songs from the originals. I’m also excited that David Wise, who composed all three original games, is returning for the next installment coming to Wii U next year! Now I just need to get a Wii U…. lol

Anyway, so I’ll try to post something fresh and exciting for next week, as well as update the website. Thank y’all so much for tuning in.


And a SPECIAL birthday announcement to my buddy Simone. I hope you had a great birthday sweetheart, and I wish you all the best 🙂 All right folks, ’til next time! 😀


The First 9 Days! Getting Started

Due to the idea of the daily blog coming on a little late, I did not get as many photos and stories gathered for the first 10 days in my town as I would have hoped. Regardless, here’s a shortened version of the major happenings in the town of Trópica thus far… As all of you players know, you arrive on the scene to be told that you will be the mayor of the new town. How about that? You get started as per the usual thing, shaking all of the trees to get bells and your two daily furniture items. I did this to gather enough bells to find myself a fishing pole and took to the river and ocean to begin filling in my Fish Encyclopedia.


I’m a true fisher when it comes to this game, and quickly began filling up with numerous species. Of course, every time I catch a new one, I donate it to the museum. Before I knew it, I was able to pay off my tent and began to focus on a goal that Isabelle gave me. She told me that I had to raise my mayor approval rating to 100 and my current score was 26… Wow! Well, I got started, and to help I looked up some of the ways to raise rating. Among the top were helping villagers, watering flowers, writing letters, and so on. I began to partake in all sorts of activities and saw my score skyrocket in no time. Reaching 100, I was enabled to perform public work projects. I decided on building a well for my first one. In the meantime, I bought myself a net and a shovel and began getting to work on building those collections as well. On the 3rd day, when I turned on my system, I met Tortimer and he invited me to travel to the island the next day. That’s when things really started to take off. I payed off my first house payment using fishing money. I also came across a very rare tarantula that night. It was a great find and the only one I’ve seen so far!


Traveling to the island, I was able to catch more expensive fish and bugs. Whatever you do, sell those things back at home, DO NOT sell them to the little kappa girl on the island… Anyhow, I also started collecting Cabana furniture using medals earned from minigames on the island. What can I say, I have expensive taste haha. I then went home and decided to visit a friend’s town. Steven’s town had the native fruit of apple, which I grabbed to run home and plant. My native fruit being cherries, I now had a strong collection that included those two, darians, lemons, bananas and mangoes, all which were found on the island. More island adventures ensued in lychee and coconut trees, as well as an expensive 50 medal induction into Club Tortimer.


Every day, I have talked to Sable of the Able Sisters and she responds with more and more friendship. You can unlock a QR Code Machine by keeping it up, she hasn’t revealed that yet but seems like she’s about to. I also had the unfortunate introduction to Mr. Resetti, but found out it’s not a bad thing to meet him once, because it unlocks a public works project, the Resetti Surveillance Center. I also buy every furniture item available at Nook’s every day to fill my catalog and the special fortune cookie item there.

On day 7, I was visited by Phineas, who awarded me a medal for completing 50% of my fish catalog. I also met Gulliver, who made me guess what country he was going to, which ended up being Vietnam.

On day 8, Savannah visited me in the morning and remodeled my interior design of my house. I then headed over to my local Best Buy to obtain a rare downloadable item, the raccoon clock. I don’t like being known for playing the 3DS, so dodging workers was a trip, but I ended up eventually figuring out what to do in the game and made it out without anyone noticing! For more info on exactly what to do for this DLC, check out the main website (http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com)


Anyway, with things looking good, I continued going to the island, fishing, etc. Then, I learned about the amazing technique of beetle farming. Also visit the website for this technique, but essentially, I raked in around 500k bells for the morning of day 9.

This all went to house upgrades and my new public works project (a bridge over my river to make it easier to travel). On day 9, Redd also came to visit, and I was able to select an item that wasn’t forged (more info on how to do this, also on the website). Then, I arrived at day 10, where things would really start to pick up! Check out the next part of the blog. Again, sorry this is really brief and not too in depth, from now on, these posts will be!