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DLC Update: Tteok plate acquired!

Hey all!

So, as you remember in my last blog post, I was trying to acquire some recently released DLC, the tteok plate. Well, thanks to a kind user brands1 on animalcrossingcommunity.com, I finally updated my DLC collection to “complete” status once again!



I believe (though haven’t confirmed yet) that this item was only available to Korea players in the beginning of November and came via a letter from Nintendo. So if you have any Korean friends with the game, hit them up and ask for this rare morsel! Now the list of “unknown” releases for DLC is smaller, with the star-sign furniture figured out, everything’s coming together! I’ll keep you posted on anything else I find out! ‘Til next time!

As always, you can see the complete DLC list on my website, animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com !