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DLC Update!!!

Hey all! So, I hate the feeling of spending months away from the game and coming back to find that a whole lot has gone down in my absence. After all, some used to call me the DLC king back in the day and my catalog events were MASSIVE. But today, I realized I may have missed some important things… but anyway, that’s why I’m posting this blog!

So, first things first. As I mentioned last time, if you live in the U.S. or Europe and you go to download the monthly DLC from the post-office, you will get a tree-stump chair, a DLC item I (and many others) already had because it was released as DLC in Japan last December (before the game came out in other regions). As to not repeat the DLC download for Japan players, they began to start the cycle of Star-Sign furniture that we’ve been waiting for! It being in the Sagittarius date field, the Sagittarius Arrow is the first item that they could get their hands on. Luckily, the item is reorderable, so I got one, and I encourage everyone to spread the love to those looking for these!


Now, I’ve speculated that when the U.S., Europe and other nations finish getting DLC in the upcoming months that Japan already got before the game released in them (what a jumbled sentence, I know.. lol) then we too will join in on the “Star-Sign” DLC cycle wherever that point may be. So don’t fret if you can’t find a Japanese player willing to get you a copy of the item. (for info on star-sign dates, etc, visit my website http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com )

Now comes the kicker. You’ll remember I discussed the pile of leaves item that popped up in a letter from Nintendo last time. Well, while I was away working on the movie set, apparently 3 more DLC items from the “unknown” list have been released!

The first of all is the tteok plate. Now, I’m looking for specifics. If you know exact information, please comment with the release dates, location, etc. From what I’ve got, this item was released in a letter from Nintendo in early November, and I think only to Korean players. I’m still looking for one, so if you know anyone with an extra, please tell them I’m looking! (I’m kkcody on animalcrossingcommunity.com if that’s easier haha…) I’ve heard no word on if it’s reorderable or not yet.

The other 2 items are orderable. They are… (duh duh duh…)…


the flamenco hat


…and the tam-o-shanter! Look at those Scottish locks… haha

I think these two were either DLC or Nintendo Zone DLC in Europe during the month of November, but again, I’ve really no idea on specifics. I’m looking for someone kind enough to explain so that I can keep my website accurate 🙂

So, while my search for the tteok plate continues, I will keep my DLC updates ongoing to help y’all out! I am updating the website, but as you may read on my note on the homepage, I’m really only focused on the DLC page.

I would also like to give a BIG shoutout to user eunho on ACC. She ended up graciously giving me the tam-o-shanter and flamenco hat for nothing in return, and I am so grateful. What great and giving players there are out there. Thank you!


Well, til next time, keep playing away and I hope you all have a great holiday season! 😀


December 2013: New DLC Available!

Hey all! I decided to play a little ACNL today to see what the new Nintendo DLC item was of the month. I was surprised to find something unexpected, a previously known DLC item that I hadn’t obtained yet, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

So, I headed over the the post office and asked about a present and was kinda bummed out to get a tree-stump chair.


For those that have followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that this item was available last year in Japan, and since it’s reorderable, nearly everyone who wanted to find one could. So I wasn’t that impressed now that it seems Nintendo is cycling through old DLC. I didn’t even bother to check the Nintendo Zone DLC for these next two weeks, but I’m assuming, since we’ve had repeats of the raccoon wall clock and cat tower that it will be something of the like (comment below if you find otherwise).


Like that bad hair style I’ve got going on? Maybe I need a haircut… lol. So anyway, I returned back to my house to find my mailbox absolutely stuffed and Pete was at my doorstep. I spoke to him and he gave me a letter from Nintendo. I opened it up and was very very surprised to find a gift, which was a pile of leaves. This was DLC that was previously unknown as far as how to get it, so this was great news!


You can even stand in it!


Well, now that one more DLC item is ticked off of my “unknown” list, I’m happy! I can’t wait to find out of any more DLC released to come in the future! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and I’ll post another blog as soon as more DLC is released!