Weeks 13 & 14: More DLC!! Autumn is here, Jack appears, Candy for all!

Hey all!

Well, as promised… This week’s (or two weeks’ rather) blog posts are very short… I’m sorry, but I’ve been incredibly busy! I just got back from a long weekend in Chicago and am now on a crazy workout regimen for my next upcoming film project I’m working on, but more on that later.

If you take a look on my website (http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com), you will be able to see over this next week a new section titled “Town Tour”. In this section, I will have an interactive map with a tour of my whole town for you to enjoy! Can’t wait!


In other news, I FINALLY came across that alpine kitchen cart I’ve been searching for… It makes a great final addition to my diner! 🙂


Customized of course lol. As for my HHA score, I have been getting super close, dancing around the 140,000 line. So little to do until I push myself to 150,000… ugh…


I found out a funny fact. If you are on a cliff above town residents and they are on the beach, they look up at you…  Wow, this moment… haha


I’ve been enjoying the many new clothing items Gracie has had to offer in my completed storefront. Well… I don’t know about the styles… but it helps me complete my catalog! Lol


I finally got another black rose to grow in my town, which means I’d be harvesting it to make a gold rose. If you want a complete hybrid guide, see my website, but essentially, two red roses next to each other have a small chance of making a black rose, and if you let it wilt and then water it with your golden watering can (bringing it back to life) it turns into a gold rose!


I was super excited when October rolled around because, finally, the new monthly DLC was available, the rice-plant bed! Simply talk to the post-office attendant while connected to the internet…


And it shall be yours!


Who wouldn’t want to lay on a rice-plant?? lol. I was roaming around town and happened to see a familiar face. It’s Jack from previous games’ Halloween festival! I was confused though… I thought he only showed up on Halloween Day?


He explained to me that I should begin collecting candy and unique masks in preparation for the festival and granted me my first costume item, a skeleton hood. Well, it won’t be easy!


I found some more news on unique downloadable DLC. This only works in the US. If you travel to any Nintendo Zone location (or change your router name to “Bestbuy”, instructions on my site) and talk to the post-office attendant, you will not get another rice-plant bed… no…. in fact, in the month of October, you get the previously unknown dated fedora chair! I’m glad I stumbled upon a thread this morning, or I’d have had no idea!


Apparently Nintendo kept this one a little on the quiet side, mentioning it in a Nintendo Direct just a day ago! Well, awesome! That’s another DLC item I can check off the list.


If you live in the UK or elsewhere, you apparently download a high-bun wig or something like that. This item is a normal in-game item, so I urge all US players to share their fedora chairs and spread the love as the UK players did with the shaved-ice lamp a while back. Cheers all! That’s all for now, more to come!

PS: I’m so honored and thrilled with the amount of support I’ve gotten on my new music album. My fans are the best anyone could ask for, and because of you, I will keep pursuing my dream. While my stint on the TV show Grimm is over for now… I can’t wait for the next chapter in my acting career… Thanks for the emails, messages and support. Hopefully I can keep providing expert ACNL advice with everything else going on haha. Keep playing away, readers!   #FF7


4 thoughts on “Weeks 13 & 14: More DLC!! Autumn is here, Jack appears, Candy for all!

  1. Koala

    are you still doing blogs ? i miss them… 😦
    its kinda weird you and bidoof crossing stopped at the same time hm…

    1. acnltropica Post author

      Hey there! I miss doing the blogs as well! 😦 I will try to make a post every now and then about DLC, but I just took off on a major step in my career and haven’t had time to play ACNL hardly at all. There is no correlation between me and bidoofcrossing, but basically all of my time has been spent either on the road for my job or playing the new Pokemon games lol. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more blogs! Thanks for your comment!


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