Week 10: Major Website Updates, Art Exhibit ALMOST Complete, and More!

This is going to be the lamest blog post (just a head’s up) lol! I had a heck of a start to my week with online college finals.. But the good news is I will graduate in one more term! Also, I’ve started the recording of my fourth music album, so ACNL time has been pushed to the side… But there are still a couple of things that I will note here for week 10, hopefully next week will be more exciting!

I don’t know why I’m even posting this, but Gracie came to my town and I skipped out on her (again..) She always comes on the worst days… 😦 aw well, I have passed 2 fashion checks and only need 2 more, so all in good time!


On that note, I am currently working on updating my website (http://animalcrossingnewleaf.moonfruit.com) with a Gracie Fashion Check guide. Some updates have occured, which I will list below…

  • New Autumn layout
  • Catalogs updated
  • Museum page updated, including a full bug catching list, September fish, maps, etc (just go take a look!)
  • Music being updated now!
  • Club Tropica… Still under construction (sorry!)
  • New pictures

As I ran along the river (sometime during the week) I saw a tiny shadow and for some reason thought “what the heck” and went fishing. I’m glad I did, because I caught a new species to me, a popeyed goldfish!


I went and donated the fish to the museum and decided to check out the 2nd floor shop. I’m glad I did, because there I found a paintball floor, a commemorative item for my art exhibit being more than 50% complete! Woot woot!


Katrina told me more crazy stories as the week went on… I worry about her sometimes…


I paid Victoria the usual visits as well, and I’m glad to say that we are still madly in love (apparently)… lol


And I see she saved the flight attendant uniform I sent her… I am so evil lol. 😉


Throughout the week, Cobb suggested that I build a drinking fountain as my next public works project. I thought it was a great idea for my park (Cobb has actually had quite a few good ideas as of late). Here’s the final product! 🙂


And he didn’t stop there! Just today, he recommended a torch, another one I’ve been waiting for! Can’t wait to see how it looks once it’s built tomorrow!


Another thing I realized today was that you can refurbish your stained glass window if you have one. I’ve been keeping one in my rococo room (if you remember from previous blogs), so I decided to visit Cyrus…


Now, there’s a handy guide online (see my website) that tells you all of the combinations of design patterns you can make. So I chose one that I liked and set the alpaca to work! It came out great!!


Today on ACC, I managed to score a few things. First off, somebody sold me a yellow aloha shirt and their hero’s cap for very very cheap!


I then set up a thread where I would buy the remaining art pieces I need in my museum for 500k a piece. While this was a bit draining on my bank account (a total of 5 art pieces were bought!) I now only need 4 pieces of art until my exhibit is complete! I’m so excited!


This might be my goal for this next week!

Coming up for Week 11…

  • Finish my art exhibit (repetitive… I know lol)
  • Update website:
  1. Music updates
  2. More pictures
  3. Gracie guide
  4. Index
  • Get more badges!!!

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